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Albert Bomer

Professor of Tax & Technology

Ioana Bratu

Researcher & Lecturer AI & Space Law

Arno R. Lodder

Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation

Thibault Schrepel

Associate Professor of Economic Law + Technology

Silvia de Conca

Assistant Professor in Law and Technology


Koen Hindriks

Full Professor, Social AI

Lotte Anemaet

Lecturer in Intellectual Property

Andrew Lin

Lecturer European Patent Attorney

Maša Galic

Assistant Professor Criminal Law

Anne De Hingh

Assistant Professor Internet Law

Patricia Lago

Full Professor, Software Engineering

Rob Van Den Hoven Van Genderen

Assistant Professor of A.I. and Robot Law

Marc Schuilenburg

Assistant Professor Criminology

Marleen Weulen Kranenbarg

Assistant Professor in Criminology

Wessel Damen

Ph.D. Candidate

Arnoud Engelfriet

Lecturer Transnational Legal Studies

Dion Kramer

Assistant Professor in EU Law

Arno R. Lodder

Professor of Internet Governance and Regulation

Kirill Ryabtsev

Ph.D. student in blockchain antitrust

Bethany Houghton

Lecturer Legal Tech

Ivano Malavolta

Assistant Professor, Software engineering

David Rossati

Assistant Professor in International Law

Galina Cornelisse

Associate Professor EU & International Law

Tina van der Linden

Assistant Professor Law, Ethics and Technology

Marc Derksen

Assistant Professor Tax Law

Laura Jacobs

Lecturer Legal Theory & Legal History

Babette Aalberts

Research Associate Internet Law

Jan Popma

Assistant Professor in Labour Law

Hans Koning

PhD candidate at VU Amsterdam

Kat Fras

Research Associate

Mark Egeler

Lecturer Transnational Legal Studies

Martien Schaub

Assistant Professor in e-commerce

Charlotte Gerritsen

Assistant Professor, Social AI

Hans Akkermans

Professor Emeritus of Business Informatics

Joeri Toet

Lecturer & Researcher Cybersecurity

Britta Van Beers

Professor Biolaw & Bioethics

Kiliaan Van Wees

Assistant Professor Liability Law

Renushka Madarie

Ph.D. student in Criminology

Gareth Davies

Professor of EU Law

Jaap Gordijn

Associate Professor of Software and Sustainability

Sarah Eskens

Assistant Professor in Law & Technology

Anna Bon

Researcher, ICT4D

Laura Plummer

Assistant Professor Tax Law

Andrew Murray

Associate Dean of LSE Law School, Professor of Law

Kim Baraka

Assistant Professor, Social AI

Tijmen Wisman

Assistant Professor Privacy & Data Protection

Roderick Lucas

Assistant Professor Tax Law

Marc Makkes

Assistant Professor in High Performance Distributed Computing

Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute
VU Faculty of Law
De Boelelaan 1077, 1081 HV Amsterdam