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Welcome to the Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute

Who We Are

The Amsterdam Law and Technology Institute performs research and teaching in the field of law and technology. This covers a variety of topics ranging from digital services, smart devices, artificial intelligence and biotechnology. What binds the ALTI-professionals is the question of how new technological developments are related to the law. This includes questions such as: do new technological developments fit within the existing legal framework? Are new laws needed to address the problems related to technology? What should these laws look like? Should new technologies be facilitated to exploit their advantages or should they be restricted to see their risks?

What We Do

ALTI-Professionals are not merely interested in identifying and analyzing problems related to new technologies. We use our knowledge to contribute to solutions. This includes providing input in the public debate and active engagement in public consultations. Concrete outcomes are achieved by involvement in societal organizations, such as Platform Burgerrechten (

Policy Reviews & Expert Analysis. Please be in touch with us for more information [altiamsterdam1 @]

Focus Areas

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Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute
VU Faculty of Law
De Boelelaan 1077, 1081 HV Amsterdam