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Introducing “The Law + Tech Circle”

The Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute is delighted to introduce a new initiative created and coordinated by Thibault Schrepel, The “Law + Tech Circle”. The Circle is decentralized, across institutions, without top-down management.

What: The Circle operates online with the objective to introduce a new voice to the “law & tech” discourse.

Who: The Circle is open to scholars from all backgrounds, i.e., lawyers, computer and data scientists, economists, philosophers, etc., who recognize themselves in the idea of “Law + Tech”. Scholars interested in joining can sign up over here. Chatham House Rule applies.

What it is not: The Circle is not your typical “Law & Tech” gathering. The Circle does not host tech skeptics and dystopians. Scholars join the Circle if they are interested in either/or:

➝ how complexity theory (and evolutionary theories) can help analyze and shape digital laws;

➝ how to use technology to design better laws (“code as law”, “law as code”, “computational law”, etc.) and thus address the limit of legal solutionism (the recasting of all complex social situations in neatly defined problems legal rules can solve on their own);

➝ how legal rules and standards can help tech flourishing, or, at a minimum, how to design regulations that do not hamper tech flourishing (i.e., addressing the issues created by tech while preserving its positive features);


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