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Capacity-Building Project awarded by NUFFIC

In January 2020, Ioana Bratu co-coordinated the application process for a capacity-building project funded by NUFFIC. The project is developed by a multidisciplinary team of experts from Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam in collaboration with University of Indonesia and aims to provide solutions for strengthening the capacity, knowledge and quality of cybersecurity education in Indonesia. Arno Lodder acts as project director; other ALTI Members act as legal experts: Joeri Toet, Herbert Boss, Anne de Hingh, Tina van der Linden.

Cyber project provides solutions for strengthening the capacity, knowledge and quality of cybersecurity education in Indonesia by offering multi-disciplinary study programs which use innovative and practice-oriented techniques. The aim of the project is to enhance the quality and skills-set of graduates of universities who will work part of the multidisciplinary cybersecurity sector.

The partners of this project will lay the foundation of the first nationally disseminated multi-disciplinary cybersecurity curriculum. The newly created study programs based on this curriculum will be offered in a unique academic setting, in laboratory type classrooms, where participants will benefit from hands-on experiences, as well as from diverse cybersecurity insights delivered by technical experts (engineers, IT professionals and computer science academics) combined with non-technical experts (legal professionals, criminologists, sociologists or experts in management and politics).

The purpose of Cyber project goes beyond the academic environment and targets the general public, that will have free access to various publications during the implementation phase. In doing so, the project will raise awareness related to the prevention and mitigation of cybersecurity threats.

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