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Study in the #1 best EU Law School

Blockchain Legal Summer School

This summer school, a world first, addresses the legal opportunities and challenges created by blockchain for competition law, intellectual property, and privacy law.

It is designed for legal experts, including, lawyers, practitioners, master and Ph.D. students (enrolled in a law degree), governmental agencies’ case handlers, academics, officials and representatives, policy officers, judges, and anyone interested in understanding how blockchain will challenge our societies as well as our legal systems. Technical knowledge of blockchain is not required (no worries).

Course coordinator: Thibault Schrepel

Disruptive 4.0: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Artificial Intelligence

Every year in July, ALTI offers a 1 week intensive Summer Academy on Multidisciplinary Aspects of Artificial Intelligence.

The course builds a theoretical baseline for all participants, introducing the main concepts of legal and ethical implications of AI, analysing, among others, European and international aspects of AI governance. The course also offers unique insights on AI applications, such as autonomous vehicles and social robots and also AI applications used in space related activities, for example AI systems used for space exploration (navigating on Mars and other celestial bodies), for mitigating the consequences of space pollution (space junk) or for enhancing our digital societies on Earth (Global Navigation Satellites Systems). Technical perspectives are also analysed, with experts taking a deep dive into the models behind AI, various levels of automation, vulnerabilities affecting the operation of AI and corresponding liability rules in case of incidents.

Course coordinator: Ioana Bratu

Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute
VU Faculty of Law
De Boelelaan 1077, 1081 HV Amsterdam