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LAUNCH: “Blockchain Online Course”

The Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute is thrilled to be presenting you with the Blockchain Online Course (

What’s in it? The blockchain online course is first designed to teach you about blockchain functioning and dynamics. We also cover the most important legal issues concerning competition law and economic dynamics to put you on top of blockchain law. We address the role of financial law, intellectual property, criminal law, and privacy in blockchain development. We explore blockchains in real-time, discuss their governance, study their evolution through the lens of Charles Darwin, focus on blockchain relationships with big tech companies, and how to design effective legal rules in the space. In short, we prepare you for a brave new (legal) world.

The course comprises nine segments. Each segment has two videos about 20 minutes long. In total, there are six hours of videos. We think it’s reasonable to watch one segment a day, so… you would need nine days in total to complete the course. Of course, you can always take more, but we challenge you to complete the course before the end of the summer break! 😉

Who is it for? Lawyers, economists, government officials, students from all backgrounds, data and computer scientists, developers, and, in fact, anyone interested in blockchain regulation and dynamics can join. No prior technical knowledge is required as we take it from ground zero.

Who is offering it? The Blockchain Online Course is offered by the Amsterdam Law and Technology Institute at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (#1 EU Law School, Shanghai Ranking 2022), home to 40 researchers. Thibault Schrepel is the course creator and instructor. Should you pass the online test, the Amsterdam Law and Technology Institute, together with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Law School, will deliver you an official certificate.

For the rest, the website features a FAQ section that, we hope, will answer your questions.

Many thanks for your interest.

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VU Faculty of Law
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