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Launch of the Dynamic Competition Initiative

With an online event held on 23 July, Thibault Schrepel—Associate Professor of Law + Technology at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Law School—together with Nicolas Petit, Bo Heiden, and David Teece, launched the Dynamic Competition Initiative (DCI). DCI is a joint venture between the Amsterdam Law & Technology Institute, the European University Institute, and the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business.

The Dynamic Competition Initiative seeks to ensure that creating and capturing value from innovation is taken seriously, not just nominally, in policy formulation and execution in liberal democracies employing the rule of law. Friends of the initiative accept the proposition that innovation is the main contributor to the wealth and welfare of rule of law-based nations.

“We want to develop a new theory of market complexity and innovation,” commented Thibault Schrepel. “Neoclassical theories had a good run, but the time has come for integrating complexity science into our understanding of market dynamics.” The initiative can count on the support of over 20 world-renowned scholars.

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